The last day

Thursday, February 12, 2015

On the last day, the question often asked by many will always be “So how do you feel now that today is your last day?” How I feel? I felt heavy. Not weight heavy but heart heavy. My heart literally felt like it weights a tonne now. And I guess this weight will stay for the rest of the day. Sometimes I felt like it was only yesterday that I first entered the company. Wearing a white polo-T with jeans carrying a schoolbag waiting at the lobby at 7.30am after I have parked my small little Kancil at the big parking lot. I even called one of my friends just to make sure that all parking lots can be parked and that there were no reserved carpark for some VIPs. I was very nervous on that first day. Working in that company has always been in my head since I started my diploma. I have heard great things and many news back then. I even applied to the company for my internship but there was no news, sad to say.

                Nevertheless, I have finally made it in and now, by the end of today, I will be leaving. I will miss a lot of things about this place. The environment, the great people I met, those that inspire me, the flexibility and so many more. All those memories. All those good times. Will be kept in me now and always. I still remember entering a very new team with 2 Graduate Trainees (GT) already on board. They were and still are like brothers to me. I will not deny that the first new months was not easy. Absorbing and remembering all that we need to remember. With all sorts of documents to read and understand. It was crazy. But as time pass, things got better and with a blink of an eye, 2 years have gone by. And so, this ends another life chapter of mine.

                Who would have thought that I too one day will say goodbye to this place? This decision was not an easy one. It took me a very long time to make up my mind and come to this path. Whether or not I made the right decision, only time will tell. Also, there is also a saying that there is no right or wrong decision. You just make the decision and you make it right. I once learnt from XxxHolic (an anime) that to make a decision, is to base on the consequences that you are willing to accept and face. It might come from an anime but I really agree on that statement. So here I am, pouring out my thoughts, then get myself ready for the next new adventure. Challenge(s), I am coming!

TARC Uni UK Summer program

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Previously I did mention that I went for a 3 months semester program at UK. That was 2 years ago but the memories of the time there are still fresh in my mind. Ah! Those were the good old days. In this post, I will be giving you a glimpse of how the 3 months in UK will be like. A little something for my juniors that will be going for this program.

One has to prepare an amount of RM30,000 excluding flight ticket in order to go there. But trust me, during that 3 months, you will not need to spend that much. In fact most of the money will only fly when you start your Europe trip else rest assured there will be atleast RM5,000 for you to bring back. :) Still, if you are planning to go for the Europe trip (whether it is with tour or backpack) then I will say, RM30,000 is not quite enough. Especially if you intend to buy branded goods there. 

The flight ticket costs about RM5,000 (max) and as for the RM30,000, there is Kojadi loan which is offered for aiding students should the family finds it difficult to fork out that amount within a short time. The interest is quite high though. An approximation of 6-7% per annum. You can google about them to find out more about the loan or you can always wait for them to come over to the college. There will be a session at the KL main campus where the staff from Kojadi will brief you on everything you need to know. 

So.. that are roughly the amount to anticipate to get yourself to UK and enjoy~! It is not an everyday thing that one gets to travel to the other side of the globe. Especially when money is the main barrier. Give yourself some credit and make sure you enjoy your time at the UK but of course, make sure you pass your exam too. Cause your degree qualification is just that 3 months away. ;)

One thing about going to UK that you will experience is.... jet lag!! You say good morning... when its midnight... going out of my head... alone in this bed... -Jet Lag, Simple Plan Unless you are a night owl who doesn't sleep until 3-4am then I think the impact of the massive difference in timezone should be minimal for you. 

Another thing will be the weather. I went to UK during 2012, the time where UK plays the host for the Olympics~! yay~ I didn't buy any tickets to any match though. It is too expensive, not to mention with its conversion. That year was much warmer compare to the previous years. That was what the lecturers said but it was still very cold for us especially when the (strong) wind blows. So bring/pack more thick clothing!

Since it is summer when you go UK, you will be tempted by..... their Summe Sale~!!!! Lots and lots of sale~!! And their deisgner outlets: Bicester Village and Cheshire Oaks. One day trip will be offered for these 2 places so don't need to worry about not being able to go there. ;) The branded goods like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, la Coste, Prada, Fred Perry, Fossil, etc etc are really very cheap.

These are the basics on what to be aware of and look forward to during your stay at the UK. Sigh. Feel like going back there so much. To relive that 3 months again~ 


As I look back to my past…
I realized that it has already reached the end of April…
May is gonna greet me soon…
Which means the time I have in Penang is almost up…
Here I am being emotional…
Of the place I had my interns…
The people I knew through it…
Of the places I used to hang out in Penang…
With all of my closed buddies and friends…
I’m afraid it is time for me to continue my journey again…
To complete my Advanced and to proceed further…
I must say… I won’t be staying permanent at any place for now…
A maximum of 3 months is how long I can stay…
So yeah, I will be hooping from place to place…
To fulfill my dreams and to reach for my goals…
Away from my family and also my friends…
I’ll miss them dearly and they will never be forgotten…
For I will return and that time I shall stay…
But now, an adventure with all sorts of challenge awaits me…
To test my determination and my passion…
I will be strong and continue to fight on…
So wait for me... For i will come back with pride and glory...

PS: I wonder what stop me from publishing this out... hhhmm.. 3 years have passed since this post was created. Its never too late to publish it now. :)

Blog Mega Revive~!!!

Oh my God. It has been almost 3 years since I last update or touch or have any connection with my poor pitiful lonely blog. I am sowwie!! I just lost the interest in blogging after that with all my exams, thesis and FYPs. :/

So, allow me to give you a brief walk through of my last 3 years:

I had my final semester of Advanced Diploma after that semester break. Was rushing my thesis and FYP. Presentations. Exam to prepare. Since this was already the last semester of the last year of my course, flunking it and not being able to graduate with my friends is the last thing I have in mind.

After that semester, we have quite a long break before going over to UK for the Summer top-up program where we will spend a semester (3 months) there. It was the best time ever~!! I managed to go for a 3 weeks Europe trip too! Will blog more on the travel soon~

After that 4 months of enjoyment, it was time to head back to reality. Why? Cause I have spent almost all of my savings on that 4 months (majority of the money started flying during the Europe trip) so it was time to come back and get a job to mend my full-of-holes pockets. So bye bye holiday, it was really nice being able to know you and hello, working life! 

So working life, I have heard alot of good and bad things about you. I was curious of the working life I'll be facing too at that time... Now that I have been working for 1.5 years, I felt blessed to have the chance to work at the company that I was hired at. Got the chance to met alot of great people with good environment. People who inspires. People who are selfless. Manage to learn alot too. It was really an eye opening experience. I ish glad~

During my 1.5 years of work, I did went on a couple of holidays too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy me a dull girl. I strongly standby that quote/idiom! Despite having such an awesome workplace, stress is inevitable so vacations to the rescue~!! :P I had been to Taiwan and Japan so far. Will definitely blog more about my experience there and share some travel tips and tricks for traveling alone (without opting for tour packages/tour guide)

So that is all for now. My mega revival blog post. Ahh it felt good to start blogging again. I missed my onion heads so much! Glad to see them back in action on my blog~

PS: its football season. The season of World Cup~!!! Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of football and I have not watched a single match since the opening ceremony. Still, I took the time to mention this because... I wanna unleash my mini team of onion head football players~!! rawr! 

Sem Break 2

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Went Redbox with the girls and also my old college gang~ on separate days… (that’s why I said, time flies when you are having fun… Money flew even faster… ><)

After going for Redbox with the girls, we lepak around Gurney for a while before going for dinner… and that day, for the first time again, we dined at Harvest Inn! wee~ :D


Had brunch at Bagan Jermal’s kopitiam before going over for Redbox~

IMG_6441 IMG_6430

messing around again~ in Redbox~ had lots of fun! XD

Thousand thanks to my bro who directed me through phone on how to get there… and with a little afford from the 5 of us… we managed to reach the cafe/restaurant! :D the environment is really nice~ BUT reservation is a MUST to make before going over else you will be having trouble trying to get a table! Yes, the place is selling like hot cakes! :O Nevertheless, with its cosy environment, good food with a satisfying portion along with a reasonable price… it is an understatement on how laku the place is… XD

IMG_6480 IMG_6479 IMG_6482 IMG_6481298388_10150311721163010_737218009_7968788_1519005095_n

All 5 of us with our respective dishes~ ^^ you can choose to go for set or ala carte as well! For set, it includes a drink and dessert~ :)


a piece of cake with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream~ mmm-mmm~ delish~ ^^

oh oh! and we gave Oonie her early birthday present on that day as well! :D


Glad you liked the present we got for you, girl~ :) lots of love~ ♥ ^^

Last but not least, 2 more outings with the P&H gang!!! ^^ went over to Redbox again… with them instead… and can say that our time was extended until 8pm! Imagine we actually stayed in that room from 2pm until 8pm! woots! Went over to 600cc for dinner later on… :D

IMG_6321 IMG_6331

IMG_6356 IMG_6365

Get to know a new friend on that day too! ^^

Last outing~ Bowling + pool! wee~~~ :D this time, knew an extra friend as well… and also, BG joined us (finally! Smile with tongue out) haha… it was exciting too! went over to Penang Bowl for bowling before heading over to Prangin Mall for dinner and 1st Avenue for a couple rounds of pool! ^^

300451_10150289703937547_702272546_8468900_1991553520_n 314582_10150289711897547_702272546_8468921_1643073209_nIMG_6501  IMG_6527IMG_6509 IMG_6506

Thus, I must say… I had one hell of a good time in Penang during my last sem break~ So many things I’ve done with so many close friends of mine… More memories were created… Memories which will always make me smile whenever I reminiscence… Winking smile

I ♥ and cherish everyone of you~ you all really made my day may it rains or shines… ^^

Oh ya! I did went for another gathering… NS gathering at New World Park… But I did not take any pics though… Unfortunately, on that day, a slight problem appeared… let’s just say I was already half expecting it… =.=’’’ other than that, that night went fine… :)

Lastly, wanna congratulate myself… For successfully achieving something which I have promised myself last year! woots! ^^V though I admit it was not easy at ALL… still, I did it!!! yay! :D

A_078 245

A little something to reward meself… XD

Yosh! continue fighting!!! ^^

Delcious Icecream


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